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Exclusive, contemporary, and utterly beautiful.
Make it your own...

Cove Residences is a small and exclusive residential development that was designed for those who want to enjoy Cyprus to the full, while experiencing a deeper sense of luxury that addresses all the senses. Enjoy the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the sea and the surrounding landscape, the freshness and flavour of Mediterranean cuisine – all in addition to the luxury of an exclusive home you can call your own.

Located only 150m from the enchanting sea, the picturesque site is set between Ayia Napa and Cape Greco – two locations on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, with opposite but equally appealing features. The tourist buzz of Ayia Napa is perfectly balanced with the undiluted natural magic of Cape Greco.

Taking a closer look at the villas, you will quickly identify all the elements of 21st century luxury woven into the bright, white and contemporary version of island housing architecture.

Interior finish is an example of top quality, minimalistic style combined with modern home technology and high-end fixtures. All living areas are flooded with sunlight. Generous plots of land offer you a private escape from the outside world, with your own swimming pool and beautiful wooden deck. Here or on your roof garden with jacuzziyou can relax and be yourself, or entertain in the sun and under clear summer skies.

Investing in a property at Cove Residence also makes financial sense. As elsewhere around the world, coastal properties are always in demand – only in Cyprus,demand for such properties is growing, while the availability is shrinking quickly. So from an investor’s perspective, a home at Cove Residences easily qualifies as a property in a prime location of high and increasing value – whether you intend to use it yourself or as a source of additional incomefrom holiday rentals.

Cove Residences offers you the complete package: luxurious living with the sea within reach, access to the fun and facilities of an exciting tourist resort, but also a quiet and luxurious home where you can truly relax.

Prime property

As coastal properties are always in demand, while availability on the small island of Cyprus is limited and shrinking, Cove Residences by the sea rank as a property in a prime location of high and increasing value.

Luxury Living

Crisp and bright island design is adapted to 21st century luxury. Enjoy spacious living areas of 240-280m2 on plots of 1000m2, with elements of exclusivity including home technology, private swimming pool, and sunny roof garden with jacuzzi.

Personal use or investment

For regular holidays in Cyprus, for future retirement in the sun, or as an investment that can generate revenue through holiday rentals in a popular destination, Cove Residences is an ideal choice.